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the biggest challenges facing the medical spa, clinic, day spa and salon business across the world...

We get it Aesthetic, clinic, Salon, Day Spa and Medical Spa Marketing can be tough should I do social media marketing for salons, content marketing for salons, SEO for Salons, start a podcast, start a blog, do email marketing for salons, do radio or TV advertising,

Oh wait and lets not forget maybe we should do a rebrand or a nice logo or build an amazing website

See most salon, clinic and spa owners get caught up in all the hype all over the internet and things that they should be doing "shiny objects" when they should on a specific set of actions to get the result their after

Which is .... RESULTS - Getting new clients and keeping them longer

In the pursuit of

More money

More time

More Freedom

To spend time with those you love

grow salon

want SALON MARKETING, clinic marketing and spa marketing that works?

Who is gas

GAS is a company of Business Warriors Pty Ltd dedicated to helping salon, clinic and spa owners thrive in the digital economy, transforming the way salons do business by simplifying the businesses sales processes and systems and helping them become the number 1 go to in their areas through cutting edge sales and salon marketing solutions.

We are a salon marketing agency based in Western Australia. Our digital marketing agency specialises in beauty marketing specifically. We choose to partner with salons, clinics and spas all around the world to help them grow because we believe if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go with others. Our whole model and team is based around helping salons, clinics and spa's go further by doing what they are best at and leaving the marketing to us.


  1. We are a specialised medical spa marketing company, beauty salon marketing agency, clinic marketing agency and hair salon marketing agency
  2. Our agency has extensive subject expertise in medical spa marketing, salon marketing, aesthetic clinic marketing, beauty salon marketing, botox marketing, body sculpting marketing, laser hair removal marketing, and permanent makeup marketing.
  3. Everyday we are talking to salon, clinic and spa owners around what's working and what isnt and see what happens behind the scenes of running a successful business
  4. We focus on long term growth of your business and beauty marketing takes a big part in this
  5. We practice what we preach by implementing the same beauty marketing solutions you must do to grow unlike some other companies like us that don't
  6. We are always on doing something behind the scenes of your business so a lot of the time you still hear from us afterhours to any questions you may have
  7. Regardless of whether you are working with us or not no matter what the circumstance we will do what we can to help and add value to your business.

Want to grow Your Salon, clinic or spa Business year on year

Accurate tracking and evidence-based salon marketing systems to grow your salon business FASTER partnered with our digital marketing agency

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    We can organise you an audit and consultation with one of our experts.

  1. Our team will guide you through a growth session that audits your business and marketing/digital efforts and recommends areas of improvement with exact steps to implement for your businesses growth
  2. If you like what you hear and we are a good fit, we will share a plan to work together that hits your business goals.
  3. Ready to take the next steps? Our team hits the ground running to achieve your goals with digital marketing that works.

    Best of all? We offer our strategy sessions for free.

    But it’s not for everyone.

    After working with 100s of salons, clinics and spas and marketed type of service across the industry, we know what works and what doesn’t.

    Free strategy sessions are available for businesses we know we can add the most value to.

    In other words, businesses that:

  1. See beauty marketing as a revenue-driver, not a cost centre
  2. Are ready to invest a minimum or $1000+ not including any advertising spend for enough resources into their marketing
  3. Want to partner with a likeminded business - strong partnerships is how we help you get brilliant results

If all the above sounds like you, let’s talk. Click the button below or give us a ring:

AUS/NZ/UK+61 488 851 017

USA+1 201 932 2489


OUR DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY WILL gET YOU MORE new APPOINTMENTS that come back to the business regularly AND GROW your business

We know the industry and what needs to happen for you to turn the needle and get more appointments for your salon, clinic or spa

We will deliver you to page on of google Bing and all search platforms

We will build you high converting websites and landing pages that bring in a stream of paid bookings for your services daily

We will run super effective paid salon marketing campaigns across Google, Facebook and Instagram to help you grow faster

We will be able to show you proof that the marketing is working for your salon unlike other companies can

What our salon, clinic and medical spa marketing agency and business coaching services are:


Pay per click advertising built to scale your salon commonly known as intent based marketing, there is people every single day searching for what you do in your salon. As a Salon owner you want to be in front of these people when ever they search for people that do what you do in your area


If you want to become the go to salon in your area content marketing is a big part of this, its not just take photos and putting them on your social media profile that will get you the result in your content marketing strategy


Too many salons don't optimise what they current have around their business in order to been seen by their ideal clients use SEO to be seen by your clients without having to pay for the eyeballs


Social media is a pivotal part of growing your salon business know what to post, when to post and how to post it so it effectively builds the brand in a machine that gets people to click through to your website or into your booking system to book a service with you or buy products


Building a website is ok but building a website that converts traffic into bookings and sales for your salon is a completely different thing we help create website that convert traffic to bookings for your salon


If you have a specific offer your salon uses to bring in new clients this is where you would want a funnel created to get people to buy your service online


Your salon conversion rates extend a lot further than you or your team answering the phone, it also stems too your consultations, your product sales, your website visitors to booking or sale rate optimising these areas by as little as 5% can make a large difference as to where your salons growth will be in as little as 12 months


Email and text message marketing is the ultimate way to continue to keep your current clients active and to continue to buy from you ever single week, month and year


Getting new clients is great, but how do you get clients to come back 3, 4, 6, 10, 15 times a year and create a delivery model that helps you grow with more predicatbility









Our digital marketing agencies specialisation is hair salons, aesthetics, day spas, beauty salons and clinic marketing so there is no need to search for advertising ideas because we have it all under one roof. So if you are looking to build your clientele fast look no further than Grow A Salon. 

We have marketed all types of products and services from Facials, Body sculpting/contouring, creative colour for hair salons, right through to waxing. You name it we have marketed it and know what will work for your brand.

To speak with a member from our team and get a more specific and tailored approach to your salon, just click GET STARTED at the top of the page, and we look forward to helping you grow your salon.

  1. Encourage clients to check in on social media
  2. Offer online booking
  3. Generate relevant SEO blog content to attract local clients that have problems you solve
  4. Host a client only referral event to promote your salon
  5. Create a referral program that offers discounts to clients who refer new clients to the salon
  6. Get a referral partners
  7. Create a salon Facebook community and add content that is valuable to your clients that will want to share with others
  8. Create content that solves problems for your clients
  9. Run paid marketing campaigns on social media
  10. Run google advertising campaigns

For the full story check out our blog below

Your website is a first impression of your salon business. Your salon website should have a home page, a service section that talks about all the different services you do and have them all on separate pages so you can target separate keywords to index them on google search, people should have an about section on the website as well, a blog, a way someone can book online, call you, see your location fill in a form to join your email list for updates, prices of services, promotions, a web chat function plus a careers section so you can attract talent as your business grows.

    15 Salon Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Business
  1. Create a strong online presence.
  2. Offer loyalty programs
  3. Host events and workshops.
  4. Partner with other businesses.
  5. Run contests and giveaways.
  6. Use email marketing.
  7. Use pay-per-click advertising.
  8. Get involved in your community.
  9. Offer free consultations.
  10. Use social media advertising.
  11. Create referral programs.
  12. Use video marketing.
  13. Create a blog.
  14. Use Instagram Stories.
  15. Use hashtags.

Get the full info by clicking the link below

    15 Salon Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Business

  1. Focus on selling more retail products per client in the salon.
  2. Hire experienced and well-established team members that have a loyal following
  3. Build a strategic partnership network that are high performing and connected
  4. Create a suite of upsells and ad on services that you can focus on selling to every client that comes through the door each week
  5. Role play each client flow of conversation each and every day to re-book and sell for services/products and to increase re-bookings

Plus heaps more below

  1. Run Paid advertising
  2. Content marketing
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  4. Host a local event in your salon that focuses on specific problems you solve in your salon
  5. Create unique packaged offerings designed for the season your in right now so it remains relevant to your target audience

Run paid advertising

Focus on reviews and testimonials for your salon

Create more videos and reels content across social media

Find strategic partners that are already working with your ideal client

Go back to your previous clients using email and text marketing

if you want some help looking at some ways to help you get more new clients check our clinic spa or salon business coaching below

Here are some tips to make your salon successful

Recruiting talent

Having a good salon software that track all metrics you need to run a successful business.

It depends on budget and what services you are looking to push online

We have found, hair extentions work better on google, Antiwrinkle works well on both google and facebook, dermal filler got better results on google, colour packages on facebook out performs google.

Facebook is a great place to start along with instagram however depending on your ad budget you would look at taking for of a multichannel approach.

    Every salon, clinic or spa should be using a paid advertising strategy, you cant just sit there expecting to grow without giving it some extra push the key here is to make sure that you are set up to win from the start

  1. Your service pricing, salon targets, and retention is on point, so you continue to grow each month.
  2. Set a budget and focus on 3 things, enquiries, conversion rates 10%+ and return on ad spend $1 in $1.5 -$2 upfront with no upsells.
  3. Retain your clients and make sure that the clients are continuing to re-book.

Because a medspa focuses on medical peels, laser, cosmetic injections facials peels and services alike focusing on a group 35 and up female or male that have a family and problems they are looking at getting solved

  1. listings in online and directories (including yellow pages and alike).
  2. Partnerships with other healthcare practices and clinics
  3. listings of professional practices in your town or suburb.
  4. Press releases in local papers and external websites

Want to grow your business faster?



152 St Georges Terrace Perth Western Australia 6000


USA: 201 932 2489
AUS: 1800 948 096



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