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How Does This Offer Work

We set up your exclusive body sculpting campaigns to drive new clients to your business.

We manage those campaigns closely

Your enquiries start coming in daily

You start getting bookings

Implementation of 13 different client driving activities to get you new body sculpting clients

This Is Not For You If:

You can't take any new clients at the moment.

You Don't Do Body Sculpting and Coolsculpting Services

You live in a town with less than 50,000 people.

To Qualify You Must:

Have a real business and own a salon, clinic, spa or that has a great service doing body sculpting/coolsculpting services, this is not for hobby business owners.

Be generating at least $30,000 a month in your business.

Be spending or able to invest $2,000 in ad spend a month.

Have a proven sales process and can handle an extra 50-100+ enquiries a month.

Have a proven sales process and can handle an extra 50-100+ enquiries a month.

If you would like MORE BODY SCULPTING/Coolsculpting CLIENTS simply click YES I WANT TO GROW MY BUSINESS and we will organise a coffee where we can formulate a plan together and go through the details.

WhO Are we

Grow a salon is a company of Business Warriors Pty Ltd dedicated to helping salon owners thrive in the digital economy, transforming the way salons do business by simplifying the businesses sales processes and systems and helping them become the number 1 go to in their areas through cutting edge sales and marketing solutions.

We are a salon specialised marketing and growth agency based in Western Australia we choose to partner with salons all around the world to help them grow because we believe if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go with others. Our whole model and team is based around helping salons go further by doing what they are best at and leaving the marketing to us

What Are People Saying About Us

Nicole Added 100 Clients In The First 90 Days

Karina Added Over 200k in 19 Months

Charmaine Added Over 10k A Month In Her First 75 Days

Body Sculpting FAQs

How can you guarantee new clients

Based on our experience growing BODY SCULPTING BUSINESSES we have been working solely with marketing for a while now in collecting all the data from thousands of tests we have nailed down all of our systems to a specific series of events and can guarantee clients through the door hence now we are completely performance based, PLUS WE WANT THIS TO BE A NO BRAINER FOR YOU.

How quickly can I expect to get my first clients

You can expect 2 to 3+ clients as early as 1 week after your onboarding session with us

If I apply do I have to go ahead with this offer?

No we get 100,s of salons, clinics and spas all around the world coming to us each month so there is no need for us to hard sell or anything. 90% of salons we speak with we turn away because there is things they need to do prior to working with us. Automatically 40% of Salons clinics and spas we do give an offer to get started with us by choice as they see the value of a specialised growth agency and don't want the trial and error a normal agency would bring.

The decision is completely with you at the end of the day and worst case scenario you will walk away with an in depth clarity of the steps you must take in order to grow your salon, clinic or spa SO MAKE SURE YOU BRING A PEN PAPER AND A CLEAR MIND READY TO LISTEN

Why do you do the first initial sessions FREE

The only reason is because our number one company value is giving, we genuinely want to help, all salons we speak with have their own challenges especially after the covid pandemic we want you to make money and we want to share how we do things and what has worked for us after testing thousands of advertising campaigns now, plus we now when we do this there is always a certain percentage of salons, clinics and spas that want us to help them out with the strategies we so openly share

Want to grow your business faster?



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