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Meet Our Client Karina Dulnoan. The Owner Of Belle Cherie In Scarborough Western Australia.

How did Karina Dulnoan add 200k to her Beauty Salon in 19 Months?

She Packaged up her services into products that are different to her competitors to capture her clients attention

She had a system to consistently generate leads and interest in her salon's products and services every single day and month

She had a back end system that would consistently enhance the value of every client that came through the door

She had a way to multiply her customers coming through the door every single month so that she didn't have to spend more money on marketing

Dear Salon Owners,

If you would like to know the best way to use Facebook, Instagram and Google to fill your money sucking cash hungry salon from an "I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS WORKING" salon marketing system


The profitable scalable salon marketing machine that searches for and books new salon bookings daily

This is the same system that

  • Charmaine added 10k per month in revenue in just 75 days
  • Sarah Gale Filled 45 new clients in 45 days
  • Kim gets over 175+ online bookings a month

  • Nicole added added over 100 clients in the first 90 days working together for her salon

Having now helped over 250 clients across 10 different countries we have realised there is a very specific system in order to grow a salon online

Step 1: Establish a market differentiating product

Step 2: Who is the most profitable salon client that will rebook with you 4-12+ times a year

Step 3: Acquire New clients via online marketing

Step 4: Upsell a percentage of new clients, because we know your salon wont upsell 100% of new clients

Step 5: Marketing remarketing to upsell clients for you with a multi-channel marketing approach

How will this all be done

We will become your very own virtual marketing manager here are some of the things we do below



Facebook Ads

We will build run and manage all your facebook advertising and you will have a dedicated account manager whom will let you know exactly what your return on investment is


Instagram Ads

We will build run and manage all your Instagram advertising and you will have a dedicated account manager whom will let you know exactly what your return on investment is


Google Ads

We will build run and manage all your Google advertising and you will have a dedicated account manager whom will let you know exactly what your return on investment is


Email Marketing

They say follow up is key and making sure that you are working on ways increase the amount of times someone comes to your salon each year is so important, we use this as a main method of helping your salon grow


Text Message Marketing

There is a missed email but never a missed text message by a potential client, text message marketing is a great way to retain clients if used correctly. we have a specific system we use text to retain more clients and get them to come back to you


Sales Training

Selling more services and retail at higher prices are something that is trainable and doesn't need to be salesy in any way


Landing Page &Website Builds

We will build for you high converting landing pages and websites specific for your salon that brings in new bookings daily


Business Growth Support Services

We will give advise on your specific situation as to what must happen for your salon to grow quite often there will be other things you need like new services, hiring of staff, price increases and systems to support the growth of your salon.

To Qualify You Must:

Have a real business and own a salon that has a great service, this is not for hobby salon owners

Have a marketing budget of $2000+ a month or you are already spending this or more

Consider yourself a high achiever and not wanting to just either fit in or be average

You must have a booking system that easily tracks new bookings, rebooking's and your salons revenue monthly

If you would like to work with us privately and find out how this would look or work, then simply click on ‘CLICK BELOW’, and we will organize a coffee where we can formulate a plan together and go through the details.

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